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A Licensed Psychologist With a Wealth of Experience


Mission Statement

Psychology is such a broad field that it can be hard to narrow down how to use it best. My wish is to use the tools of the field to help individuals and families develop, to help them understand different patterns of personality styles, and to use this awareness to enhance their living and loving relationships with each other. Children develop so understanding their stage of growth allows for a better utilization of tools. This knowledge can also help provide career direction for those not yet sure what path to follow.

As adults age, they transition from a focus on growth and development in the world and in their careers to looking for a deeper understanding of life’s meaning and purpose. Dreams are tools to help us explore those areas of development that occur in the transition stages of life. Dreams can be the messenger that helps decode that meaning.


The three areas of focus for this practice will be:

  1. MMTIC® (Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children) – how to use it with individuals or schools to help children grow.
  2. Family Coaching – using the tools of psychology to help families with life issues such as communication, rule-setting, discipline, and love.
  3. Dream Analysis – using the tools of dream interpretation to decode messages from the unconscious to guide our life and our vision.
Elizabeth Murphy

Elizabeth Murphy

Elizabeth Murphy (INFP) is a psychologist who has worked with type concepts since the early 1980s. Her research focuses on verifying with video support the development of normal personality differences according to the theory of psychological type. She works extensively with families and teams of people to improve communication and resolve relationship needs. Elizabeth’s experience includes conducting training throughout the United States as well as Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, and Malaysia. She is an internationally recognized authority in type concepts.

She has taught children from preschool through the university level and worked as a licensed school psychologist. She is also the author of The Developing Child. Her dissertation won the Isabel Briggs Myers research award and she received the Gordon Lawrence award for contributions to Type In education. Carlow College honored her with their Alumnae Award. Currently, she works as an independent consultant to schools, organizations, and families.

Elizabeth completed a three-year course in dream interpretation through the Assissi Institute and is completing additional studies with the Jung Institute in Chicago.



Use the MMTIC as a tool to help your children discover their strengths and stretches. Use this knowledge to promote better learning habits, improved relationship skills, and to discover their path in life.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching-1

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Combined there can be symmetry, contrasts, and conflicts. Discover the best of each family member and learn ways to enjoy each other, learn from each other, and develop with each other.


Dream Tree

Our dreams share messages from the unconscious. There is meaning and awareness waiting in each dream. Use your dreams to discover what your unconscious is sharing to help resolve wounds from the past or uncover paths for the future.